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In the heart of West Hempstead, Long Island, there’s a place where boxing dreams come alive. That place is Kayo Boxing. Led by the former professional boxer Michael Corleone, our gym has something for everyone. Are you a total newbie curious about those first punches? We’ve got you covered. Maybe you’re a seasoned pro looking for a fresh challenge? You’re in the right place.

Kids, teens, adults, even our senior community and those with disabilities – everyone finds a home here. Our wide range of classes ensures that no matter your age or skill level, there’s a perfect fit for you at Kayo Boxing. Beyond the punches and jabs, it’s a community where passion for the sport thrives and friendships are forged. Dive into the world of boxing with us, and let’s make every punch count together!

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We Offer Boxing Classes For All Ages and Skill Level

Adult Boxing Classes Long Island

Adult boxing Classes

Unleash your inner champion with structured sessions designed for adults seeking skill enhancement or a fitness edge.

Teen Boxing Classes Long Island

Teen boxing Classes

Empower your teenage years with a blend of discipline and dynamism, tailored for the energy and enthusiasm of youth.

Kids Boxing Classes Long Island

Kids boxing Classes

Introduce your little ones to the basics of boxing, nurturing discipline, confidence, and fun in a safe environment.

Boxing Classes For Seniors Long Island

Senior Boxing Classes

Rekindle your passion for the sport with sessions that prioritize flexibility, balance, and age-appropriate techniques.

One On One Boxing Lessons Long Island

One-on-One Classes

Experience personalized training with our experts, tailored to your goals, ensuring undivided attention and faster progress.

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Boxing Classes Long Island
Long Island Boxing Gym

Benefits of Boxing:

More Than Just Punches and Jabs

Enhanced Physical Fitness

Boxing offers a comprehensive full-body workout, increasing cardiovascular health, muscular strength, and overall stamina.

Serious Weight Loss

With its high-intensity intervals and full-body movements, boxing torches calories, helping shed those extra pounds and tone the body.

Stress Reduction

Engage in an activity where every punch helps release endorphins, reducing stress and uplifting the mood.

Boosted Mental Fortitude

Embrace the discipline and concentration boxing demands, cultivating sharper focus, resilience, and quicker decision-making.

Improved Coordination

Hone your hand-eye coordination through boxing, enhancing reflexes and refining motor skills.

What Our Students Say

Kayo Boxing on Long Island has 100+ 5 Star Reviews

Discover the boxer within!

Feeling unsure if boxing is your calling? Don’t let doubts hold you back. Every champion started as a beginner, and boxing is much more than just punches and jabs. It’s about discovering your inner strength, building confidence, and embracing a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re young or old, experienced or a complete newbie, there’s a place for you in the world of boxing. At Kayo Boxing, we believe everyone has the potential to shine in the ring. With our supportive community and expert trainers, you won’t just learn to box; you’ll learn to believe in yourself. Give it a try – you might just surprise yourself!

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