Boxing with Disabilities on Long Island

Strength Beyond Limitations

People with developmental and/or physical disabilities often find themselves underserved in the fitness and boxing community. At Kayo Boxing, we’re passionately committed to changing this narrative. Our aim is to build an environment where everyone feels not just included but truly invited and celebrated. We don’t simply make assumptions about our client’s disability. Instead, we immerse ourselves in understanding, communicating with our clients and their families to comprehend their unique needs. This enables us to craft a boxing program that’s tailored, respectful, and impactful for every individual. Our before-and-after videos and pictures spotlight the accomplishments, reinforcing our belief in the power of praise and motivation.

Boxing With Disabilities Long Island Ny

Tailored Training for All Abilities

We’ve designed our classes with utmost care, ensuring that everyone’s unique needs are met:

Adaptive Techniques

Our trainers employ adaptive techniques and equipment modifications to suit the individual requirements of each participant, ensuring safety and efficacy.

Supportive Environment

Our facility is equipped to cater to various disabilities, with trainers who are trained in understanding and supporting the unique needs of each boxer.

Personal Growth Journeys

We focus on individual growth, recognizing and celebrating the progress and milestones of each participant, regardless of the pace.

Boxing For Disabled Long Island Ny

The Amazing Journey of Lorenzo & Donny

Kayo Boxing Gym has a single goal: to help others become well-rounded individuals through boxing.

Lorenzo and Donny both suffered severe traumatic brain injuries that left them learning the basics – walking, talking.

Kayo Boxing’s step-by-step approach has helped improve the motor functions of both Lorenzo & Donny.

Expertise and Compassion Combined

Our trainers are not just boxing professionals; they are compassionate educators dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive experience. Under their guidance, participants are ensured a safe, productive, and rewarding boxing journey.

If you or someone you know is seeking a space where limitations are transformed into strengths, our Boxing with Disabilities program on Long Island is the answer. At Kayo Boxing, we see beyond disabilities, recognizing the inherent potential, determination, and heart in everyone. Join us and discover the empowering spirit of boxing, where every punch is a testament to resilience and triumph.