Your First Class: What to expect

Stepping into a boxing gym for the first time can be a mix of excitement and uncertainty. At Kayo Boxing, we aim to make your initiation into the world of boxing as seamless and empowering as possible. Rest assured, even as a beginner, you’ll be training alongside people at varying skill levels, and our experienced trainers will be there to guide you every step of the way. Our classes are structured to last 45 minutes, but you should arrive 15 minutes early to sign in, take a tour of the gym, complete your liability waiver, and get prepared for the class.

Typical Classes go as follows:

Wrapping boxing gloves

Put on Wraps and Stretch

Your boxing journey begins by putting on hand wraps, which offer protection to your wrists and knuckles. We’ll teach you how to properly wrap your hands, but it may be a good idea to practie using our video on how to wrap your hands here. Once you’re wrapped up, engage in a gentle stretching session to warm up your muscles and prepare your body for the intensive 45-minute workout ahead!


Jump Rope

Get your heart pumping with four rounds of jump rope. This classic boxing warm-up improves footwork, stamina, and coordination. Between each set, drop down for a quick set of pushups to activate your upper body. Take it slow and pace yourself as you get your heart rate accelerated for what’s ahead.

Bag Work

Glove Up!

Time to get into the core of the boxing class. Once you’ve donned your gloves, you’ll spend the majority of the class learning and perfecting the basics of punching. You’ll learn how to properly throw each of the punches. Expect a blend of technical instruction, shadow boxing, and bag work. Every punch thrown is a step closer to mastering the art of boxing.

Core Workouts

Core Workout

To conclude your class, the last 10 minutes are dedicated to core strengthening exercises. Boxing isn’t just about the arms and legs; a strong core provides stability, power, and endurance. 

You’re on your way to life changing results!

While your first class at Kayo Boxing might be new territory, it’s the beginning of an exhilarating journey. With each session, you’ll grow stronger, more confident, and more adept in the sweet science of boxing. We’re here to ensure you get the most out of every punch, every technique, and every class. Welcome to Kayo Boxing – where your boxing story begins! No Excuses. Just Results.